never tell tales out of school

never tell tales out of school
The phrase to tell tales out of school is also used.

1530 W. TYNDALE Practice of Prelates B1v So that what cometh once in may never out for feare of tellinge tales out of scole.

1616 J. WITHALS Dict. (rev. ed.) 573 You must not tel tales out of the Tauerne.

1721 J. KELLY Scottish Proverbs 303 Tell no School Tales. Do not blab abroad what is said in drink, or among Companions.

1876 I. BANKS Manchester Man I. xv. All attempts to make known school troubles and grievances were met with ‘Never tell tales out of school’.

1963 A. CHRISTIE Clocks xxiv. ‘Well—.’.. ‘I understand. Mustn’t tell tales out of school.’

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